Thursday, April 26, 2012


I received a call from an unknown number recently, nothing was said but I could faintly hear moving around. The call disconnected after a few minutes; at first I assumed it was an accidental misdial. That was until I received another call a few hours later which followed the same pattern. I am posting today because it happened a third time.

Whoever has managed to get my cellphone number I want you to know this is not amusing. If you have a message for me do be direct, I will not tolerate games.

Onto other news, Gallows and Graves are dragging along some more baggage. I found a few proxies in pursuit of them and was able to eliminate two before they caught onto my location. The following one fell with some resistance, I expected a fight as usual. Proxies always fight back, it makes fatally shooting them all the sweeter.

However, it was after defeating them I noticed a certain tall and thin figure in the distance. The entity stood on the edge of the woods, even at a distance I could appreciate the fear it instilled. The air was ripe with a cold chill, not even when I was on the force was it ever so alarming. Despite my minor fascination I looked down and reloaded my run, returning my gaze forward I found the being gone. It has not returned since then. I scold myself now for not acting with more haste to attack.

I disposed of the bodies and returned to my motel room, that was when the third call came in. Nothing significant to note, Dia remains quiet and her accomplice remains silent on her location. Thy Executor has responded with something I will need to consider.

For now I will continue eliminating the criminals. As always, I cannot promise frequent posts and replies. I will check often for information at most. If anyone has information in regards to Gallows and Graves please inform me in comments or an email.

Thank you.


  1. You are making life easier on them. Is this worth eliminating your "criminals?"

    1. It is always worth eliminating criminals.

  2. I'm the "accomplice" now, eh? I can get used to that. Oh no, is big bad LeCroix gonna have to get rough with little me? Please don't spank me too hard! Bahahahaha!!

    1. You are a foul woman that I find incredibly distasteful.