Friday, June 15, 2012


The unlisted calls have not stopped; the only significant change is they only come in near sunrise. Once a week too, might I add. I am unaware as to who this is but when I find out heads will roll. Prank calling an officer is not the wisest of choices.

I have not been around because I was temporarily put into a coma. It was during the time I was closing in on Gallows and Graves, which was when I encountered Mister Creevey. We have the same target and the beast did all it could to eliminate the competition. I narrowly survived decapitation by tumbling down part of a cliff. Broken bones are much preferred to losing my head. I crawled until I found a street and lit a flare, I always carry two at least when I do not have my backpack.

A citizen drove me to the hospital; I managed to remain awake until the nurses placed me on a stretcher. I was in a coma for a few weeks before awakening; I did some physical therapy to limber up before my search began. Gallows and Graves managed to dodge Mister Creevey; there were signs of a battle when I came to the location I was scouting before I was attacked.

I continue making my way in search of these offenders. For now I will be eliminating the criminals I find along the way. As always, I cannot promise frequent posts and replies. I will check often for information at most. If anyone has information in regards to Gallows and Graves please inform me in comments or an email.

Thank you.

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