Friday, June 15, 2012


The unlisted calls have not stopped; the only significant change is they only come in near sunrise. Once a week too, might I add. I am unaware as to who this is but when I find out heads will roll. Prank calling an officer is not the wisest of choices.

I have not been around because I was temporarily put into a coma. It was during the time I was closing in on Gallows and Graves, which was when I encountered Mister Creevey. We have the same target and the beast did all it could to eliminate the competition. I narrowly survived decapitation by tumbling down part of a cliff. Broken bones are much preferred to losing my head. I crawled until I found a street and lit a flare, I always carry two at least when I do not have my backpack.

A citizen drove me to the hospital; I managed to remain awake until the nurses placed me on a stretcher. I was in a coma for a few weeks before awakening; I did some physical therapy to limber up before my search began. Gallows and Graves managed to dodge Mister Creevey; there were signs of a battle when I came to the location I was scouting before I was attacked.

I continue making my way in search of these offenders. For now I will be eliminating the criminals I find along the way. As always, I cannot promise frequent posts and replies. I will check often for information at most. If anyone has information in regards to Gallows and Graves please inform me in comments or an email.

Thank you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I received a call from an unknown number recently, nothing was said but I could faintly hear moving around. The call disconnected after a few minutes; at first I assumed it was an accidental misdial. That was until I received another call a few hours later which followed the same pattern. I am posting today because it happened a third time.

Whoever has managed to get my cellphone number I want you to know this is not amusing. If you have a message for me do be direct, I will not tolerate games.

Onto other news, Gallows and Graves are dragging along some more baggage. I found a few proxies in pursuit of them and was able to eliminate two before they caught onto my location. The following one fell with some resistance, I expected a fight as usual. Proxies always fight back, it makes fatally shooting them all the sweeter.

However, it was after defeating them I noticed a certain tall and thin figure in the distance. The entity stood on the edge of the woods, even at a distance I could appreciate the fear it instilled. The air was ripe with a cold chill, not even when I was on the force was it ever so alarming. Despite my minor fascination I looked down and reloaded my run, returning my gaze forward I found the being gone. It has not returned since then. I scold myself now for not acting with more haste to attack.

I disposed of the bodies and returned to my motel room, that was when the third call came in. Nothing significant to note, Dia remains quiet and her accomplice remains silent on her location. Thy Executor has responded with something I will need to consider.

For now I will continue eliminating the criminals. As always, I cannot promise frequent posts and replies. I will check often for information at most. If anyone has information in regards to Gallows and Graves please inform me in comments or an email.

Thank you.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I visited The Shady Lady first on my list while passing along the East Coast. She provided some useful information on the targets I am interested in speaking to. I would have preferred locations but with that proxy [Subject: Mr. Sunshine] at her side there was little I was willing to do. On any day I would have put the creature down, having studied The Shady Lady I can be sure it would not have been something I could easily walk away from.

There is an air of sinister nature about the woman, it's brushed off with frequent sarcastic inflections and innuendo to dumb herself down. I recognize it with ease after my time on the force. She's a criminal and if she doesn't start making the right calls I might have to visit again.

For now she was kind enough to leave me her contact information. The Shady Lady threatened physical harm the next time I don't notify her I am visiting. An odd response after a cooperative gesture.

Dia has become aware of my investigation and search for Gallows and Graves. The Shady Lady has informed her and openly admitted to it when I called her. I find myself tired already from dealing with the woman. Dia is now informed and is panicking. I would only like to ask her some questions in person but even that seems too much to ask. For now it seems I will have to do things the hard way.

I encountered obstacles when trying to locate her through the internet. Hacking tells me she's in Ireland, when I went to pull up a visual and zoomed in on it I came to find out this was not Dia. It was not a woman, not a person, but some fictional "internet meme". This "Troll Face" was dancing in the middle of a yard that had grass mowed to write "You Mad?". This confused me until I researched it afterwards just what it was. An elaborate scheme to throw off hackers.

I attempted to try this again a few times and reached the same conclusion, only in different locations world-wide. The Shady Lady and her accomplices have managed to render my ability to hack Dia's location useless.

It was suggested to me that I find a reliable source in dealing with these things. The candidates I have are more likely to harm more than help. I've reached an impasse for the time being, I need to think more on this. For now I will have to pick up the trail on Gallows and Graves and continue following after them.

As always, I cannot promise frequent posts and replies. I will check often for information. If anyone has information in regards to Gallows and Graves please inform me in comments or an email.

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Little Tokens

"Little Tokens", all I really have now. What are my little tokens? A violin that needs new strings, a gun that was inscribed to me, an air force jacket, sunglasses... just little tokens of a life I'm now dragging far behind me.

You can call me LeCroix, it's my last name. My partners on the force knew me as the Banshee, whereas my family new me as someone else. Why don't I consider my family as little tokens, some may wonder? Because they are all dead. I am an only child, mother died during my birth, father was murdered a few years back. My uncle (father's brother) raised me. He was the Captain while he was still alive. I watched him wither slowly as he tried to hunt down his brother's murderer. I was a kid then, some may argue I still am now; but I knew he was just killing himself slowly.

Relevant to the topic: I have an intelligence quotient of 177.

IQ means only so much at a young age; however I was no ignorant child. My uncle insisted he would handle it and there was nothing I could do. Mind you, he was kind about such. It meant little to me, I've always been persistent and so I was. I read the files he brought home after he fell asleep, I eavesdropped and followed him. To cut the story short, I found the murderer. Nearly got myself killed doing so, but my uncle was a smart man. He knew just where to look by the end of it.

It wasn't difficult to persuade them into allowing me to start apprenticing at the force afterwards. Everyone has a knack for something; hunting criminals down seemed to be mine.

But every story has its own twist. What is mine? Hunting a criminal who is aligned with the supernatural. This hardly seems possible, on most days I think just that. When you witness your last remaining family member perish everything starts to feel surreal. The criminal who slayed my uncle goes by the name Gallows and travels with a partner named Graves. They are unusual and dangerous; the force won't go after them now that they have left our jurisdiction. I kindly turned in my shield to pursue the two for their crime, and all the ones they have committed since then.

I heard those involved call these types Proxies. I have encountered a few that seem to be chasing after the two. They are dead now; I do not take threats of any kind lightly. I've decided any proxy that is in the vicinity of me will get a bullet to the head.

I have come here after learning how many predators use this site. I cannot promise frequent posts, it isn't a priority to me. However, I will check often for information. If anyone has information in regards to the partners in crime please inform me in comments or an email.

Thank you.