Saturday, April 14, 2012


I visited The Shady Lady first on my list while passing along the East Coast. She provided some useful information on the targets I am interested in speaking to. I would have preferred locations but with that proxy [Subject: Mr. Sunshine] at her side there was little I was willing to do. On any day I would have put the creature down, having studied The Shady Lady I can be sure it would not have been something I could easily walk away from.

There is an air of sinister nature about the woman, it's brushed off with frequent sarcastic inflections and innuendo to dumb herself down. I recognize it with ease after my time on the force. She's a criminal and if she doesn't start making the right calls I might have to visit again.

For now she was kind enough to leave me her contact information. The Shady Lady threatened physical harm the next time I don't notify her I am visiting. An odd response after a cooperative gesture.

Dia has become aware of my investigation and search for Gallows and Graves. The Shady Lady has informed her and openly admitted to it when I called her. I find myself tired already from dealing with the woman. Dia is now informed and is panicking. I would only like to ask her some questions in person but even that seems too much to ask. For now it seems I will have to do things the hard way.

I encountered obstacles when trying to locate her through the internet. Hacking tells me she's in Ireland, when I went to pull up a visual and zoomed in on it I came to find out this was not Dia. It was not a woman, not a person, but some fictional "internet meme". This "Troll Face" was dancing in the middle of a yard that had grass mowed to write "You Mad?". This confused me until I researched it afterwards just what it was. An elaborate scheme to throw off hackers.

I attempted to try this again a few times and reached the same conclusion, only in different locations world-wide. The Shady Lady and her accomplices have managed to render my ability to hack Dia's location useless.

It was suggested to me that I find a reliable source in dealing with these things. The candidates I have are more likely to harm more than help. I've reached an impasse for the time being, I need to think more on this. For now I will have to pick up the trail on Gallows and Graves and continue following after them.

As always, I cannot promise frequent posts and replies. I will check often for information. If anyone has information in regards to Gallows and Graves please inform me in comments or an email.

Thank you.

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